Dear Editor:

This is the time to attract and keep readers.

The newspaper is still the most reliable way to receive trustworthy stories; not to mention the main connection to the community.

You and your team devote yourselves by bringing every family to the news, information, entertainment, and sports that play an important role everyday in their lives.

The pressure is immense to keep a viable product with perfect service in everyone’s hand and your efforts seem to go unnoticed.

When everyone is on the same page it’s a miracle on the door step! Circulation providing perfect service, advertising providing a cost cutting shopping tool, and editorial doing their thing to keep the community engaged, informed, and entertained.

We here at CCA are proud to represent every employee at the newspaper to share your story by getting the communities to read your newspaper. It is a tough game, but we play it right.

Even if we cannot convince and persuade your neighbors to become a reader again, we leave them with a positive, lasting impression.

We have not been around as long as the paper, but we have seen the mega changes and challenges over the past forty-four years. You are still here. We are still here.

Look us up online on how we can continue to provide you with new readers or give us a call, not to share war stories, but to share how we can get your stories out in the community where they belong.

Dan Campbell                                                             Tiffany Dawson
440 887-0009                                                              440 887-0009